Thursday, April 29, 2010

What's so bad about Bath and Body Works?

  • They have 5 million fragrances, yet somehow, only 4 of them smell decent. The others cause instantaneous migraines and/or vomiting. The mixing and mingling of all of these strong, vile scents in one tiny location is too much to handle. The joint smells worse than a gas station restroom off the Las Vegas strip.
  • Where do they find their cashiers? It takes these women far too long to ring up one purchase. I could literally fly to Japan, hand-pick herbs, find a sumo wrestler, have him crush them for me, and then return home with my own lip balm – before the idiot behind the register has even found the UPC bar code to scan.
Bottom line: annoying salespeople, horrid icky smells, clueless cashiers… that’s a BAN in my book.

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