Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The flicker

Although, as stated earlier, humans cannot see fluorescent lights flicker, the sensory system in some individuals can detect the flicker. Ever since fluorescent lighting was introduced in workplaces, there have been complaints about

  • headaches,

  • migraines,

  • eye strain,

  • and general eye discomfort

Years ago my optometrist declared that fluorescent lights should be outlawed because they were very bad for our eyes. When working in offices I would be very prone to migraine attacks, in fact I could count on at least 3-4 days out of a week with non-stop headaches. They would disappear over the weekends to return after spending the day at work on MON. 
I no longer work were there are fluorescent lights, and I no longer have the migraines. 
I for one dread the this ruling. I absolutely despise fluorescent lights, they make my eyes tired,  and it physically makes me ill.

- Mar, Surrey, UK, 02/1/2008 08:54

Was waiting for people to realize this. These bulbs flicker at a frequency that the brain picks up and the eye can't. Of course the government and people who are making money out of these bulbs will deny it, but its true. Same with pc monitors flickering at 60 Hz. Causes headaches.

- George, Bath UK, 02/1/2008 08:32

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